The Land



T he Moondance Ranch offers diversity of land type. The southern portion of the ranch offers improved pastures with pivot irrigation systems for high hay production. The middle section of the ranch has an unnamed tributary of Willoughby Creek running east to west past the home into a lovely pond and then through the hay field. The northern portion of the ranch is native sage and grasses with a guest house/art studio, machine shop and car wash, and large horse barn, arena and ranch headquarters. The log home is tucked into the center of the ranch for the ultimate of privacy yet still offers amazing views of the Bitterroot Mountain Range. 

This ranch was purchased by the present owner 13 years ago and he has made improvements each year to make this the best horse property currently on the market in western Montana. The irrigation plan is brilliant and costly, but pays off in time and production. 







The Moondance Ranch is legally described as Certificate of Survey #491786-TR. This up-to-date retracement survey includes multiple parcels combined to total 139.50 acres. The property is located in Sections  18, Township 8 North, Range 19 West, Ravalli County. There is no conservation easement on the property, but the ranch would definitely qualify for conservation status with a local land trust. Ask your agent to determine if the benefits of conservation would fit your estate planning.

The 8 multiple tax parcel descriptions will allow for the for the incremental sale of the property upon review by regulations pertaining to the same. Additional homes or ranch building could be added under current guidelines.



Agricultural Overview


The ranch has two pivot irrigation systems with supplemented quick release big guns to cover the corners— all supplied by underground pipe and all gravity fed/powered. This eliminating the cost of electrical pumps which adds value to this ranch. The pivot irrigation systems have liquid fertilizer tanks that provide programmable automatic fertilization with the irrigation water. There are a total of 66 acres of irrigated weed-free grass/alfalfa mix hay fields which produced three cuttings in the most recent year averaging 8 tons of hay per acre. All irrigation equipment, wheel lines, guns and associated parts are included in the price of the ranch. The entire irrigation system on the Moondance Ranch is as efficient and sophisticated a system as installed anywhere.

There is a fruit tree orchard with drip irrigation to each tree and 3 drip irrigated raised bed gardens.







The ranch has approximately 66 acres of irrigated hay fields and 70 acres of pasture for horses or cattle. Estimated carrying capacity is around  60 horses plus some cattle. Areas around the homestead are wood post and rail. The ranch is cross fenced into pastures for horse separation and field management. The native grass and sage pastures on the northern section of the ranch add additional grazing. The land is mostly level to rolling terrain with good sun exposure and shelter from any north wind by Sunset Bench which is north of the ranch. The hay production on Moondance Ranch is one of the highest in the Valley. Perimeter fencing is 5 strand white tinsel wire and two strands, one high and one low, of hot wire. There is a total of 5.5 miles of this type of fencing on the ranch and all is in excellent condition. Every pasture has a collection point to facilitate handling and transferring of livestock, horses or cows, from pasture to pasture or pasture to barn. The ranch has 4 total 12’x 36’ loafing/run-in sheds with functional locations in pastures around the ranch. Each can be paneled to create foaling stalls for mares.






Access to the property is from the Eastside Highway, then east on a County maintained roadway to a private gravel road. The access is year round with some need for snow plowing. The roadway to the ranch has a security gate located near the guest house. The interior ranch road has over 10,000 sf of asphalt paving, including the road to the barn and barn aprons. The roadways are lined with trees which have drip irrigation systems.




The taxes on the property total $9,569.67. The parcel numbers are: 293780, 293770, 293750, 293760, 293700, 293720, 293730, 293740.  The separate legal parcels will allow owners to have incremental sales to others without full subdivision process. Boundaries could be altered within the ranch from the current configuration to another as long as there remain 8 parcels or less. This makes this a perfect choice as a family legacy ranch.  Taxes include cost of BRID water shares which will be altered prior to closing.  


Personal Property Bill of Sale


The Moondance Ranch purchase will include irrigation equipment, appliances in the structures, and some shelving. Items (tooling machines) in the machine shop are not included in the sale. Buyers should inquire about any items which are of interest and not clearly defined to determine if they can be purchased separately on a Bill of Sale.  



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